Bruce Hersey, LCSW

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about me

My trajectory as a growing therapist was born in the fundamental humanism of Carl Rogers and progressed with the addition of the hypnotic language and approaches of Milton Erickson, noted for his applications of communication with the unconscious mind as a creative and solution-generating entity within the person. EMDR brought clarity about the value of dual attention and the structure of somatic, emotional, and cognitive elements within the afflictions of trauma, while Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy contributed life, shape, relationship, universality and sense to this. More recently, the emergence of Coherence Therapy from Memory Reconsolidation research has injected additional insight and precision into this expanding formula.

I am an Approved Consultant in EMDR and also a Certified IFS Therapist. Having completed IFS Levels One, Two & Three Training, and as a repeat Level One Program Assistant, I've passionately imparted my deep understanding of the model by teaching numerous introductory IFS workshops, leading IFS consultation groups, and providing individual IFS consultation. I've presented at the IFS International Conference several times, and have been teaching workshops on the integration of EMDR & IFS since 2013.

In addition to this, I'm an Approved Consultant in Clinical Hypnosis through ASCH and a Certified Sex Therapist Supervisor through AASECT. I've also published short animated educational introduction videos on IFS (Finding Your Parts) and EMDR (EMDR at a Glance) on YouTube.

An LCSW in private practice at Altoona, PA for the past 30 years, I provide advanced consultation in IFS, EMDR, Clinical Hypnosis and Sex Therapy in person, by phone and online video conferencing.